21 October 2011

>Bits & pieces of my life (XL)

Gepost in persoonlijk

>Every now and then I share moments from a random week of my life with you. I have an extra lot of bits & pieces of my life for you this time, with photos from last weeks Monday untill this weeks Wednesday. Have a sneak peek in what happened into my life, or what is regularly part of it!

Do you recognize anything? Which picture is your favourite? Let me know!

 There he is again! After having her for about two months, Kraaltje grew, got curious and turned out one of the cutest bunnies I’ve had (and yes, I have had a lot!).  

Something I’m less enthusiastic about having bunnies, is cleaning their homes once a week.
 My other bunny (Baas) is walking around with two green stripes on his nose, because… no need to explain, right?
My father went to Prague, so it was my task to cook a little more. I love to try something new, so I tried a mushroom sauce, but it turned out quite bad. It smelled terrible, and got too ‘thick’. In the mean time I also burned my potatoes, so no good try.

 This is how my skin looked at the beginning of the week: not what I’m used from my skin. Being 17 years old, I get spots everywhere and – next to my eye problem – that’s not what I’m really waiting for. What I didn’t know, is that I’m thinking ‘what’s the problem?’ right now? Namely, it turned much, much worse.
Remember the glitter tattoo I got during the H&M reopening? After almost six days, it was still on like this! Pretty good, huh?  

 Spotting some amazing shoes at the Anecdote showroom.
 … so here the worse photo is. My eyes got red, swollen and painful after I wore eyeshadow to Anecdote. From my image styling teacher I got some siam oil the Saturday before – which softenend it a bit, but didn’t turn out to be the solution.
After I took this photo on Wednesday, my eyes and complete skin got worse and worse when the weekend came closer. All the frustrations did give me inspiration for a new A touch of fashion though, and I decided I’m saving the ‘most worse’ picture for overthere.
 Taking outfit shots on Wednesday wasn’t really possible without umbrella!
 On Thursday I went to a special evening of vintage store Froufrous in Arnhem. A blogpost about the evening is still coming up.
 As you could have read, I went to Origins on Friday. Spotting nice shoes again!
 And – next to meeting Shirley and Desirée again- I spotted Mimi
 … and Sanaz!
 Plus, I took my chance to get in a picture with Jane Lauder!
 It turns colder! Time to get my favourite winter scarf out again. Which also functions perfectly as a chilling place for my bunny. In case you are wondering where my bad skin is: make-up could still  cover a lot at that point, but I have to be wise and give my skin a rest now.
 My current mascara! I loved it a lot in the beginning, but after a few weeks, it’s getting a little clotted already.

I guess short haired guys and blow dryers aren’t a good combination… my boyfriend murdered my tiger lady per accident, and now the only thing she’s good for is making fires.

 The polish I tested last week! You saw the red Klean Color shade yet, the others are coming up!

The boyfriend with his faux fur hat and fake glasses. Doesn’t that look cute?

 My father brought these for my from Prague, where he was last week. My first thought was I wasn’t liking them. In terms of: I think they’re beautiful, but not my taste. My second thought was that I wanted to try to include them in a look that is my style, and that they’ll be a nice fashion challenge.

 Don’t forget October is Pink Ribbon (breast cancer) month. There are still two weeks left to grab the magazine, of which all profit will go to Pink Ribbon.

 After some googling after cosmetic ingredients, I thought it might be mineral oil that’s the problem for my skin. Do you have any (other) ideas?

 Went for a tea at Vera‘s on Tuesday, where she turned out not to have put on any make-up too, to help me out a little. Cute, huh? It is making her just as sad, you see? 😉

 The perfect winter snack! How do you call these in English?

 Catched up on my ‘scrapbook’, I’m keeping up to date with anything I find interesting from the magazines I read. For me, it’s another way to see my fashion sense grow and to see how I’m beginning to think different about styling and other fashion topics.

One of the highlights of the last one and a half week was the C&A fashionshow for me. It was quite a hell to reach Düsseldorf, but fortunately my dad was as sweet to drive with me. As all Dutchies can read I was one of the 300 press invitations, and I was impressed by how big the C&A concern actually is and their organization. Of course there’s more about this show coming up later on!

Pictures by me and Bas Visserman

…and what more had passed my life this past one and a half week?
– I got featured on Ilovefashionnews.nl! You can read the interview I had with them here.
– My boyfriend cooked better than I did: we ate a delicious Indian meat meal and chicken from his hand.
– It was my dad’s birthday last Sunday! Congratulations daddy!
– I made an important blog decision, of which you’ll probably hear more in a few weeks.
– Not an exception, but I slept too little again. Being exhausted in the weekend, I decided I wanted to do another try to go to bed earlier this week, and up to now I did quite a good job!
– Finally went to the doctor for my skin last Tuesday, who told me I’m suffering a special form of acne, that is the result of an allergic reaction of something that’s probably cosmetic.
– I wrote the upcoming A touch of fashion partly about my eye- and skin problems at the moment, and decided it were the last words I wanted to publice on my blog, social media or anywhere else on Internet about it. I need to let go of my frustrations, do my best to let my body heal, and accept that life doesn’t always do what I want. I need to remind myself a bit more about this personal text I wrote.
– There’s a new give-away up, where I’m giving away this cute balloon skirt! Please enter here if you like it, I think it’s worth it!

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