1 October 2011

Outfit – Black fitted pants

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You know I’m not a great basic type, but I am trying to get into the basics more and more. Just because a lot of basics can make up something special too – and basics are so much more wearable. One of the things I missed in my closet was a pair of black trousers. This model is not usual, yet really practical ánd comfortable. If you’re interested: you can find it at Dress Republic, for a very reasonable price here.

Looking back at these photos, I do think this look is a bit… strange. There are a lot of styles in there, but I do think they work. That’s because I kept the colours calm and matching: grey, black and metallic shades of gold and silver. I don’t think that makes this look ‘too much’, do you?

I told you more about the make-up look I’m wearing in yesterday’s post. Please check it out here if you missed it.

Do you like this look? Tell why/why not!

 Pictures by Yara Verheij
Dressrepublic.nl black fitted pants
Only bold shouldered top
Coolcat vest
H&M Divided leather shopper
Pieces knee socks
H&M Divided metallic wedges
vintage necklace
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