14 October 2011

Outfit – In between summer and fall

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What do you wear on a beautiful fall day? One of my favourite fall items, combined with a touch of summer. I wanted to combine the high platform wedges, always making a statement, with the fresh and casual striped longsleeve and scarf.

I added the black skirt over the striped skirt to ‘break’ the look and make it a little more interesting. However, I do think the skirt fits in the whole ensemble quite well, as the ruffles have that same horizontal pattern.

I don’t know about your leggs, but as you can see my leggs have had a lack of Sun this summer. I’m not even trying anymore, and starting to get proud of my very blank skin in combination with my red, copper hair – that looks quite terrible here, sorry for that.

What do you think of this look?

Pictures by Saskia van Schaik
New yorker striped longsleeve
Conley’s striped scarf
H&M ruffled skirt
random striped skirt
Zara platform wedges
neovisioneyewear.com sunnies
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