5 October 2011

Outfit – Selfmade dress

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I want to start with saying I love the atmosphere in these photos. It feels like I’ve landed in a faiytale. Thanks boy!

Unfortunately I can’t make any clothing. I have to admit I also never really tried. I can tell you in advance I’m to impatient for it, but who knows it’s something I’m going to challenge myself in the future.

However, I did one try, once. It was two and a half years ago during my second week of Fashioncamp, which is basicly a summer camp for fashion lovers. We got one task of draping material on a doll, and at the end sew it into a piece that was actually wearable. This dress is what I created, and to be honest: I still love it. It’s one of the few pieces of clothing that I had a few years ago that I still love, I think. That makes it pretty timeless, I guess? That makes I need to go for a second try, right?

Do you like it?

  Pictures by Bas Visserman
Object a-symmetric dress
selfmade dress
Pieces tights
Bullboxer shoes
Bijou Brigitte ring
H&M Divided earrings
H&M headband

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