8 October 2011

>Reopening – H&M store Nijmegen

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>On Wednesday morning – too early, too rainy!- I went to see the renewed H&M store in Nijmegen – one of the more southern cities of the Netherlands. My sweet boyfriend went there before me, so I didn’t need to miss anything and could sleep longer. Isn’t that great? He was the first visitor and was welcomed by a glass of champagne in the early morning and all H&M employees jubilating at him.

Of course you’ve all seen a H&M store inside before, but I’m guessing you’ve never seen it this new, this cleared up, and actually quite. Even though the opening party was announched all over the city the store was almost empty in the morning. No problem for me: more space and possibilities to take good pictures for you.

I’m honestly in love with this renewed store. The different ‘departments’ are clearer, colours and styles are better sorted, the store looks much more stylish and all floors look much bigger -though they haven’t gained in actual space.

Besides H&M was offering several ‘style advisors’. You could sign up before the launch on the fifth of Ocotober for your personal style advisor. He or she would go around the store with you personally for 1.5 – 2 hours (!) and advice you on what to wear. H&M is really going to a higher level here.

Just like several other ladies, I enjoyed a make-up artist and manicure working on me.

Thank you, all fashionable and kind H&M employees for the nice chats and the good atmosphere!

 You’re invited!

 The more classy design of the renewed H&M shops.

  One of the style advisors talking to her client.
 Blogger Debbie works at H&M Nijmegen, and is also style advising.
 Choose your fake tattoo…
 … glue…
 … glitter…
 … done! It can last up to 5 days and is still perfectly on when I’m writing this.
 Time for a make-up touch up!
 I guess this mirror is reshaping my face…

 Did you ever got your nails done in a etalage? I didn’t!
 H&M polish isn’t always a succes unfortunately. I was quite disappointed by this blue colour.
We went home with  a souvenir!
Pictures by me and Bas Visserman
What’s your impression of this H&M store?
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