12 October 2011

>Review – Klean Color nail polish no. 229

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>As you might know, I’m a big fan of beautiful, unique polishes with a great effect. There have been a lack of polish posts on my blog, because I’ve had quite some problems with my nails – you know I’ve got that nail obsession, but they’re on the better hand now (not yet what they used to be though), so it was time to show you this beautiful piece!

I present to you Klean Color no. 229: Chunky Holo Poppy.

This is the polish with just a clear basecoat underneath. I needed five, six, seven layers to get this result? I lost count. Still I do think the result look really good. Don’t you think this looks really chic for a party? It didn’t stay on long though. The lots of coats didn’t really help for its longlastingness. I could chip off one complete nail just like that after one day.

Then I also wanted to see the effect over a dark shade, like you see a lot with the Golden Rose flakies.

Looks amazing too, right? I’m wearing the Klean Color shade with a dark purple shade underneath. Which one? That I’ll show you soon! Looks stunning, right? Really chic too, but less summer and more winter chic. This effect lasted a few days longer, unfortunately.

Furthermore, I think the nail polish applies really good, but I wouldn’t expect anything different with a glitter shade. Normally the creamy ones are the tough ones. Also I like the oustanding ‘shell’ of the bottles of Klean Color, which makes it different from other brands. And last but not least I think their prices are reasonable for such a unique effect.
Klean Color can for example be purchased at eBay store Flowerfish15 here per auction or via ‘Buy it now’. Prices differ per auction or shade. I know from experience Lisa is a really kind seller, and you can always contact her with your questions.

Do you purchase any Klean Color polishes yet? Or are you interested in them (now)?

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